Kokish River Steelhead Urgently Need Your Help With a Letter

British Columbia's Kokish River Steelhead need your help to stop a large scale IPP development on the East Coast of Vancouver Island near Telegraph Cove.

This project will divert 10km of salmon habitat into a intake pipe, and a further 17 surrounding streams would be impacted by its construction and operations.

We have just until November 18th to submit letters to the Environmental Assessment Office, jump right to the form to leave a comment or learn more below.

Let's break down the following map, submitted by Brookfield Power:

Kokish IPP Map

Note the area that shows "intake location"; now look for the words above it that say "approximate penstock route".

The area in between these two points is a summer run steelhead over wintering ground, and soon to be re-directed into a pipe, for 10km down to almost the point where the river enters telegraph cove.

Here is an area right in between these two points:

Those grey shadows you see are summer run steelhead.

Steelhead can't write letters but you can.

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to write your comments about this project to the Environmental Assessment Office, the deadline for public comment is November 18th 2010.

Leave your comment here: