About Us

What is the Steelhead Society?

Formed in 1970 by a group of dedicated Steelhead anglers concerned about the state of wild steelhead stocks and the wild rivers of British Columbia, the Steelhead Society is a charitable non-profit river conservation organization. The Society has evolved to advocate for the health of all wild salmonids and wild rivers in British Columbia.

Considered to be "one of the most important conservation organizations in North America", the Steelhead Society primarily consists of members from across North America, but has members from around the world. Our members' support, as well as private donations and monies raised through fundraising campaigns, funds advocacy actions and awareness in the public spectrum, and acts to encourage positive change in government and private enterprise.

What is the aim of the Steelhead Society?

The Steelhead Society's mandate is to encourage the conservation and restoration of wild fish and the wild rivers they inhabit. To this end, the Steelhead Society has been able to form alliances and partnerships with First Nations; Federal and Provincial government agencies, politicians, forestry companies, grass roots organizations, media, and outdoor equipment manufacturers.

These alliances encourage awareness of the sensitivity of watersheds and their inhabitants, with a unified goal of improving damaged habitats for the greater good of all involved parties.

The Steelhead Society is dedicated to the ongoing advocacy of environmental education, stream restoration, dam decommissioning options, maintaining flow rates, mitigating the effects of hatchery programs, effective control of the Aquaculture Industry, as well as holding government and public agencies responsible for the natural heritage rivers provide.

Society members have in common a dedication to protecting, enhancing and restoring BC's wild salmon and steelhead habitat.