The Cal Woods Award

Cal Woods

Cal Woods was the founding secretary and for many years the de facto unpaid executive director of the Steelhead Society.

As a quiet, gentle man with infinite patience and iron resolve, he defined the character of the Steelhead Society, guiding and shaping the energies and efforts of younger directors. They all benefited from his mentorship, as did the Society which won respect as the capable and informed voice of river conservation.

It was the first organization inclusive enough to work with First Nations, government, industry, commercial fishermen, Canadian and foreign sports fishermen, and local communities to provide solutions for problems and activities threatening wild fish and wild rivers.

In that sense, there is no organization quite like the Steelhead Society, and the Cal Woods Award reflects that characteristic.


2014: Dan Cahill

2011:Jim Culp 

2010: Craig Orr
2009: Poul Bech
2001: Peter W. Soverel
2000: Eric Carlisle
1999: The Honourable David Anderson
1998: The Honourable H. P. (Budge) Bell-Irving
1997: Jim Walker
1996: Myron Kozak
1995: Curley Chettenden
1994: Gordon Hartman
1993: Bob Hooton
1992: Joseph Saysell
1991: Pat Moss
1990: Terry Jacks
1989: Father Charles A. E. Brandt
1988: Robert Kelly Dahl
1987: The Honourable Tom McMillan
1986: The Haig-Brown Kingfisher Creek Society
1985: Max Tscharre