SSBC Directors

The Board of Directors and Executive Officers of the Society usually meet every second Tuesday of the month. At this time they discuss issues that affect wild salmon and steelhead and the Society’s direction, policy, and subsequent course of action, and issues pertaining to running the Society.

Directors and Executive Officers are elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting for two and one year terms respectively.

Any open Director, and Executive positions can also be filled through a resolution at a Directors meeting, but their term of office expires at the following Annual General Meeting where they must be re-elected.

2018 Steelhead Society of BC Executive and Directors

Brian Braidwood President
Trevor Welton Vice President  
Tyler Kushnir  Vice President  
Ralf Kroning Vice President  
Carlo Ng Secretary  
Scott Braidwood Treasurer, Membership


Duncan Lewis Director (Chair Vancouver Island)   
Troy Peters Director ( Chair Northern Branch)  

Carlo Ng Director  
Poul Bech Director  
Dave Harper Director  
Gillian Steele Director  
Scott Simpson Director  
Cody Sojka Director  
Sandi Kushnir Director  
Dan Cahill Director  
Spencer Rolls Director  
Ben Gerhke Director  
Scott Baker-McGarva Director  
April Vokey  Director  




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